Ear Reshaping (Otoplasty) Atlanta

A child’s ears may experience a variety of issues, including macrotia, microtia, lop ear, cryptotia, cauliflower ear, Stahl’s ear, and cleft earlobe. Ear reshaping is a type of pediatric plastic surgery procedure that corrects these malformations.

Typically, surgery can take place starting at around four to five years old, depending on the evaluation of a skilled plastic surgeon. Infants may not require a surgical procedure for their ear correction, because at that age, the ear cartilage is still highly malleable. The older the patient is, the more stiff and less malleable their cartilage.

During ear reshaping, general anesthesia is usually used. Cartilage and soft tissue are often removed and/or reshaped in order to sculpt a more well-balanced ear. Permanent internal medical sutures may be used, as is the case during ear-pinning surgery. Harvested cartilage from another area, such as the ribs, may also be employed as a graft.

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