Brow and Forehead Lift Atlanta

The years are not always kind to the skin. Factors such as gravity, repeated muscle use, and sun damage cause wrinkles and creases to form in the skin of the face, and excess skin begins to droop down. Small fatty deposits can also form. To help remove facial wrinkles, excess skin, and fat, many people undergo brow and forehead lifts.

A brow and forehead lift is a method of surgically tightening the skin of the brow and the forehead area. This erases those glabellar lines (vertical wrinkles found between the eyebrows) and horizontal forehead lines, giving you beautiful, younger-looking skin.

Three of the facial muscles involved in the creation of brow and forehead wrinkles are the frontalis, procerus, and corrugator. Repeated facial expressions over time cause these muscles to become tense, making it difficult for them to return to their relaxed positions. During a brow and forehead lift, these muscles can be altered in various ways to smooth out the areas.

A brow and forehead lift can be performed open or with endoscopic surgery. It can take around one to three hours and begins with anesthesia. Local anesthesia with sedation is typical for this procedure. However, general anesthesia is also an option.

Dr. Berhane will then make an incision making this incision in the hairline area helps to hide the scar that results from the procedure. Excess drooping skin and fat are trimmed away from the forehead and brow regions, and muscles are altered. The skin is redraped over the brow and forehead, and the incision is sealed with medical sutures.

Forehead lift can also be combined with hairline lowering for patients that wish to have their hairline lowered at the same time as the forehead is raised.

After the brow and forehead lift, small plastic tubes called drains may be set in place in the area to take away any excess fluid and blood. Collections of these liquids can cause issues, so this can be an important step.

A soft bandage may be used to wrap the brow and forehead area after the surgery in order to protect the incision from infection and help the tissues heal. Once Dr. Berhane feels it is time to remove this bandage, it will be taken off. Within five days to two weeks following the brow and forehead lift, your stitches or staples will be taken out.

In around five to ten days after the procedure, you’ll be able to go back to your normal schedule, including your work. However, during this time and past it for a week or two, it’s best to stay away from any strenuous activities; these have the potential of irritating the weakened tissues.

In around one week, any swelling or bruising from the brow and forehead lift will most likely have gone down. Ice packs can aid in this process. Keeping your head elevated for at least two days can also be quite beneficial for swelling reduction. When needed, use pillows to help keep your head elevated.

During a consultation with Dr. Berhane, you’ll be able to discuss your aesthetic preferences in greater detail, and any questions you have will be answered. Contact us today for a consultation.

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