Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation is a cosmetic surgical procedure that not only enhances the appearance of the external female genitalia but can also improve some of its functions. It does this by effectively enhancing the tautness and tightness of the vaginal walls and opening. This enhancement is accomplished by decreasing the vaginal diameter.

Compromised vaginal walls could interfere with sexual relations between women and their partners. Women commonly experience looseness, uneven appearance, and sagging around the vaginal region. There may also be a loss of muscle tone and stretching of the vaginal opening. These conditions can often be the result of childbearing, a specific trauma, or simply aging. In any case, less friction and less sensation can make it more difficult to reach orgasm through intercourse.

Most patients who complain of diminished sensation or friction during intercourse can elect to undergo a vaginal tightening, or a perineorrhaphy procedure. This is a common component to the overall rejuvenation designed to help narrow the vaginal opening. It restores the support of the relaxed perineum and has been known to improve sexual function.

The labia, or the inner and outer folds of the vulva, can be restored to a more youthful appearance with a labiaplasty procedure. This is often incorporated into the vaginal rejuvenation procedure, as it helps to either reduce or increase the excess tissue around the region depending upon patient requests. Increasing these folds involves transferring the patient’s fat to the labia or using injectable fillers to increase the volume of the labia.

A protruding or prominent mons pubis, otherwise known as the pubic mound, may undergo liposuction to improve the appearance of an aging pubis.

Based on the goals and the particular patient’s needs, vaginal rejuvenation may include some or all of the above procedures. Dr. Berhane customizes the surgery to the patient’s expectations discussed during the pre-surgical consultation. A thorough gynecological examination may be required.

The surgical technique used may also vary depending upon the amount and type of vaginal relaxation found. Patients are individually counseled and educated on what to expect, including possible risks, benefits, and options.

The surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia while the patient is awake, if the surgical intervention required is less extensive. However, patients may opt for conscious sedation to help them feel more relaxed and less anxious. If the surgical intervention required is extensive, general anesthesia is recommended.

For the first 24 hours after surgery, a potent anti-inflammatory and non-narcotic pain reliever are given to most patients before getting off of the operating room table. These are repeated intravenously, coupled with narcotics intravenously if the patient stays in the hospital.

Upon discharge, the patient remains on the anti-inflammatory for two and a half more days. Pain medications are also prescribed to the patient for when they head home. Though the pain experienced after vaginal rejuvenation varies greatly, a large majority of patients are practically pain free in the first week. It is recommended to avoid intercourse, tampons, and douching for at least six weeks until the area is completely healed. Patient will follow up with Dr. Berhane a week after surgery and before resuming any regular routine, six weeks after the surgery for a follow-up exam.

The most important step to take is to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Berhane if you have any questions. Contact us today for a consultation.

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