Brazillian Butt Lift Atlanta

Feeling like your buttocks is too flat and needs some volume? Buttock contouring is a procedure that can give you a curvaceous, firm, and desirable rear end with volume that feels natural. The results are also provided by autologous materials – ones found in your own body – instead of foreign materials, which would be more likely to be rejected.

The key part of the Brazilian butt lift buttock contouring procedure is a technique known as fat transfer. With this technique, fat from one part of your body is moved to another, giving you better overall proportions.

The first step in fat transfer is liposuction, in which excess fat cells in trouble areas on the patient’s body are taken out. So if you wish to reduce the size of your abdomen, thighs, arms, hips, or other areas, buttock contouring may be perfect for you.

Liposuction involves making a small incision in the area and then using a tube to suction out fatty deposits. The liposuction used to remove the fat cells must be gentle enough to preserve the cells’ health. This is part of “harvesting” them for use in the buttocks.

After being harvested, the fat is purified. This process removes any dead or damaged cells, which are unnecessary; healthy fat cells are more likely to be able to connect to the blood supply when they’re injected into their new location.

Once the purification is complete, local anesthesia is typically administered to the buttocks in the intended injection areas. The harvested fat cells are then strategically injected by Dr.
Berhane, into the buttocks tissue using a precise technique; adding volume and enhancing proportions.

The amount of cells injected into the buttocks will be larger than needed for the intended final result. This is because a percentage of these cells will dissipate in time, unable to connect to the blood supply. A good survival rate is around 65 to 85 percent of the cells.

Buttock contouring can take around two to four hours. This is because the fat injection process requires precision, time, and a great deal of skill. The better the execution of the procedure, the more of the fat will survive, and the better the results will look.

The better you treat your buttocks during recovery, the greater the chance that a higher percentage of fat cells will survive. For two to three weeks following buttock contouring, avoid putting too much pressure on the recontoured buttocks areas. For about two weeks, the patient must also wear a supportive elastic garment to help the tissues retain their new shape and keep the swelling down.

After around two weeks of recovery, you may be able to return to work. For one to two months, avoid any strenuous physical activities in order to let your recontoured tissues heal.

Since no large buttock incisions are needed for the Brazilian butt lift with fat transfer contouring procedure, you won’t have to deal with any large scars on the buttocks after surgery. This is one of the many benefits of choosing a Brazilian butt lift over buttock implants.

Each Brazilian butt lift is tailored by Dr. Berhane for individual aesthetic look and desire. Learn more about the buttock contouring procedure with a visit to Dr. Berhane’s office. Contact us today for a consultation.

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