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Philanthropy is critical to our mission, Dr. Berhane was exposed to the very personal benefits of helping others early on through his life. He has volunteered for medical mission numerous times with MedShare to South America, Doctors without Borders to Africa, Operation smile to Asia, and Georgia Surgical Expedition to Southeast Asia to perform Plastic and reconstructive Surgery on adults and children’s in underserved areas. He experienced the joy felt by variety reconstructive surgeries performed on adult patients, and cleft lip and palate patients treated through medical mission trip. Today Dr. Berhane continues this medical mission through his work, with different organizations twice a year for 2 weeks treating those in remote and underserved areas all over the world. Dr. Berhane continues to be involved locally by participating in a non-profit event that raises money for breast cancer research, and helping local homeless shelters.

Dr. Berhane does perform Plastic and Reconstructive surgery free of charge on patients born with congenital disfigurement, military service patients and families, victims of trauma, and domestic violence, who have genuine financial constraints. Please note that this generous work does not extend to patients wanting free cosmetic surgery. Please send your genuine stories and photos directly to TailorMadeLooks@gmail.com for consideration. The stories will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

Philippines Medical Mission

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